Standard introduction
Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors, formulated with new tactics, are renewed and upgrading products according to Y series motors.
Y2 series motors are in obdurate layout and fan cooled kind, squirrel cage kind and novel in design and style and good in appearance, compact construction, decrease noise, substantial efficiency, huge torque, exceptional starting up overall performance, uncomplicated maintenance, and so forth.. This series motors adopt F class insulation and designed towards the insulation system assessing approach in accordance of international practice.
Y2 series motors might be widely utilized to different of driving equipments for example machine equipment, blowers, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, transporters, agricultural machines and so forth.
Working circumstances
Ambient temperature: 15 40 . Altitude: no larger than one thousand meters from sea degree.
Rated voltage: 380V. Rated frequency: 50Hz,
Connection: Y connection is adopted for motors below 3KW (3KW included) and connection is adopted for some others over 4KW( 4KW integrated). Functioning ration: constant working procedure (S1).
F class Insulation, the temperature increasing in the stator winding examined at 80K(by resistance approach). Protection grade: within the main body is IP54, within the terminal box can attain IP55. Cooling technique: Ic411.
The fans are normally produced of strengthen plastics apart from that for frame sizes H315 up to H355 are created of aluminium-alloy or stamped with steel plate. Alt fan cowis are taken into shape by stret-ching with cold rolled steel plate to come to be substantial mec hanical strength.