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EP brand Aluminum frame NMRV 075 Worm gear Gearbox for industrial equipment

1. Grade: SUS201,SUS304,SUS316,A2-70,A2-80,A4-80,4.8 6.8 8.8 10.9 12.9

2. Size: M3-48

3. Standard: DIN 315

4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS

Product Name
RV worm reducer
Housing material
ZL108 Al-alloy or HT200 cast iron
Customer Request
Worm wheel material
Worm gear material
Lubricating oil
GB Gn230-460 Synthetic or Mineral oil
Noise (MAX)
Temp. rise (MAX)Temp. rise (MAX)
Temp. rise (Oil)(MAX)Temp. rise (Oil)(MAX)

Excellent product

S series is one kind of Helical worm gearbox, designed as Modularization and high-stainless cast iron case. It is combination of helical gear and worm gear, which with higher efficiency and strength than simple aluminum alloy worm gearbox. Due to their outstanding efficiency, these drives can be used in every industrial sector and tailored to individual torque and speed requirements. The gear ratios afforded by the helical-worm gear stage and the low noise levels during operation make these gearmotors ideal low-cost solutions for simple applications.
Perfect for the machinery and equipment of following industry:
• Conveyor & Material handling
• Mining & Quarry
• Crusher & Cement
• Automatic production line & Mixer
• Transport & Packaging
• Food machine & Beverage

Color classification: RV090 Series RV075 Series RV050 Series RV063 Series RV030 Series RV040 Series offers special customization
Installation Form: Vertical
Layout Form: Same Axis
Tooth surface hardness
Series:1                                                                           The main function of worm gear: reduce the speed and increase the output torque, torque output ratio according to the motor output times deceleration ratio, but must not exceed the rated torque reducer.                                                   1, the mechanical structure compact, the volume shape is light, the small efficiency;

  2.Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation.
  3. Easy to install, flexible and light, superior performance, easy to maintain and repair;
  4. Smooth running, low noise, durable;
  5. High reliability and high reliability;       

1. There is a combination of helical gear and worm gear to improve the torque and efficiency of the machine. This series of products has complete specifications, wide speed range, good versatility, adapt to various installation methods, performance, safety and reliability, long service life, and implementation of international standards.

2. The surface of the body has concave and convex heat dissipation, strong vibration absorption, low temperature rise and low noise.

3. The machine has good sealing performance and strong adaptability to the working environment.

4. The machine has high transmission precision, especially suitable for working in places with frequent starting. It can be connected with various types of reducers and equipped with various types of motor drives. It can be installed in the 90-degree transmission operation position.


Industry star

Emerging Technology

Zhejiang EP machinery is high and new technology enterprise in research ,develop and manufacture for reducer & speed variation . We have 16 series including R/S/K/F series hard tooth flank gear reducer ,H/B series high power speed reducer ,P series planetary speed reducer ,XB series cycloidal reducer ,XG series shaft-mounted gear box,SWI series worm screw jack ,T series helical cone gear box ,altogether more than 10,000 ratios ,various specification make us at the head of transmission industry.

Our Company Service about gearbox.

1. OEM & ODM 14years

2. Free sample for VIP
3. Project solution provided for free
4. Mix color & mix model
5. Wooden carton packing
6. Own production bases for best price & fast delivery
7. Min order: 50pcs,sample order welcome
8. Distribution agent welcome
9. Exhibition sample solution

Roller Chains for Energy Transmission Specialty Chain Series

Responding to numerous sort of wantsBicycle Chain 1.Rustproof taken care of Hi-Guard(E) readily available2. Lightest with the very same size versionsModest Pitch Chainone.Ultra-precise chain 2. 4.7625 mm pitch out there 3. For high-tech machinesEngine Mechanism...

Roller Chains for Electrical power Transmission Minimal Noise Chain Series

Unparalleled noise reductionSuper Minimal Noise Chain (UN) has attained a higher drive effectiveness although possessing equivalent noise reduction overall performance to Earlier Minimal Noise Chain (TB). By improving the drive overall performance for the amount of...

Low-Temperature Resistant Chain (TK)

Chain made of specialized material for excessive low-temperature down to -40??C.Standard roller chains normally become susceptible to brittle fracture when utilized in temperatures underneath -10??C. We propose making use of this chain manufactured of specialized...

Stainless Steel X-Ring Chain

Stainless Steel Chains with all the functions of atmosphere resistant and put on resistant chain series. Together with the use of X-rings, durability improved remarkably.X rings have been additional to your Stainless Steel Chain (SS)that has the most effective...

Stainless Steel Chain (SS/SSK)

Fantastic resistance to corrosion and heat that enables use in almost all over the placeYou will find two styles of Stainless Steel Chain: SS and SSK. The SS type has the highest resistance to corrosion and heat. Nevertheless, it is produced totally of austenite...

Hi-Guard Chain (E)

Remarkably protective coating that goes far past the performance of nickel platingHi-Guard Chain has increased corrosion resistance upcoming to stainless steel chains. The surface with the chain is finished in non-gloss white really protective coating. It has...

Nickel Plated Chain (N)

Specialized nickel plating for a neat and clean physical appearance and corrosion resistanceThe surface of Rustless Chains is nickel plated for an interesting exterior and corrosion resistance. It will eventually exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance particularly...

Sintered Bushing Roller Chain (UR/ URN)

Maintenance free of charge chains utilizing sintered alloy bushingsSintered bushing roller chain is maintenance-free chain appropriate to a area where lubrication is tough. It utilizes bushings created of the sintered alloy which impregnates lubricating oil.For that...

O-Ring Chain (LD)/X-Ring Chain (LX)

Highest wear resistance out there by sealing grease between pins and bushingsThe durability of chain is drastically improved considering that grease is sealed among the pins and bushings by O-rings. The O-ring chain is definitely the most dependable model of the...

DH-α Chain

The pin which has a super-hard surface coating protects the vital location from adverse environmentsFantastic lubrication makes chain lifestyle longer. It can be not straightforward to avoid deterioration resulting from its own oxidation and mixture with contaminants....

Reliable Bushing Chain (HT/D), (D)

Seamless High-precision Solid Bushings Protect against Chain ElongationSound Bushing chain is highly wear-resistant utilizing cold formed sound bushings using a seamless smooth surface and total roundness.This is the well known sort amongst the Ultimate Daily life...

HI-PWR-SHK Form Roller Chains

High-end sort of the substantial strength seriesThe DID HI-PWR-SHK roller chains have thicker website link plates than HI-PWR-S roller chains, and are the highest in tensile power and allowable load among common application chains, therefore currently being suitable...

HK kind roller chains

Downsizing Your Process with Greater Power ChainsHK form roller chains conform to H type of ANSI, and their thickness of inner and outer hyperlink plates are equal to individuals from the following bigger size chain. Hence, HK form roller chains are larger in tensile...

High power roller chains

Large energy roller chains with enhanced fatigue power and influence powerHI-PWR-S roller chains are enhanced in fatigue power and effect power without having altering the dimension during the pin length direction of regular roller chains. Plates are enlarged, plus...

Globally conventional chains complying with JIS and ANSI

The 14 sizes of regular roller chains are available ranging from 25 to 240 like those in conformity with ANSI (American National Regular Institute), and ISO (Worldwide Organization for Standardization).The chains not just meet the prerequisites for the minimal tensile...

Construction and Elements of Chain

A roller chain includes a construction as illustrated beneath, as well as names on the elements are stated from the drawing. These parts act as described beneath, and therefore are created to suit the respective actions.Pins support every one of the load acting on the...


The countless push to increase sawmill productivity consistently demands increased speed, higher accuracy and significantly less waste. Chains can play a function as part of your mill?¡¥s profitability by performing better and lasting longer. We begin with superior...

Pipeline centrifugal pump&slow rotary velocity centrifugal pump

ISG/IRG/ISW/ISGB/IHG/YG Pipeline centrifugal pumpone.IRG,ISW horizontal and vertical clear water pump is employed to deliver clear water along with other liquid whose bodily and chemical characters are comparable to clear water, and is suitable for industrial and...

GW Sort No-jam dredge pump

The series no-jam dredge pump is generated by means of intro ducing overseas powerful vitality conservation no-jam dredge pump engineering and organizing the technological electrical power. Its trart parameters all attain or exceed the technological typical from the...


SPROCKET AttributesPLATE CENTER SPROCKETSSprockets are furnished in two standard varieties . . . Plate center and Spoked Arm. Plate centers are generally applied on smaller sized sprockets whose size prohibits using spoked arms and on drives and conveyors that are...

Style “MD” ELEVATOR BUCKETS for basic function elevators

Rugged development Type “MD” Buckets are most well-known for basic purpose elevators. Covering a wide choice of sizes from four to twenty inches long, they may be employed for ?ne and medium size components such as coal, cement, pulp, grain, ear corn, and so forth....


Elevator Buckets are made available in Styles ?¡ãMD?¡À Mill Duty and ?¡ãAC?¡À Additional Capability.The ?¡ãMD?¡À Mill Duty Bucket replaces former Designs ?¡ãAA?¡À and ?¡ãAARB.?¡ÀType ?¡ãMD?¡À ELEVATOR BUCKETSStyle ?¡ãMD?¡À Elevator Buckets are the most popular buckets...


prolonged pitch 700 Class Pintle Chain of-fers highest power at minimal weight. It is to-tally suited for sewage plant applications also as other conveying and elevating uses. Sidebars have casted lugs to ?t.T-head pins ?t snugly, getting rid of pin rotation and...


400 Class Pintle Chain is really a light-weight, moderately priced chain capable of han-dling average loads at slow or intermediate speeds. It is proportionately cast for stability, strength and lengthy, ef?cient service, and it is obtainable in riveted or cottered...


TRANSFER CHAINis available in two forms: “H” Class Transfer Chain and Mixture Transfer Chain. “H” Class Transfer Chain in-cludes those numbered H 78A, H 78B, H 130, H 131, and H 138. All “H” Class Transfer Chain is available only in riv-eted development. “H” Class...


“H” Class Mill Chain is surely an ex-tremely robust, serviceable chain initially de-signed for heavy drives and transfer conveyor functions in noticed mills as well as the paper and pulp business. “H” Class Chain has verified itself for innumerable other industrial...

Combination CHAIN

Mixture Chain is used extensively from the cement, paper and pulp, quarrying, and mining industries for elevating and conveying a broad selection of abrasive and non-abrasive elements. Additionally it is ?nding many utilizes on the whole in-dustrial assembly...


Rivetless Drop Forged Chain is highly regarded as considered one of the strongest chains ever formulated, and has identified widespread application in lots of industries. Mainly because components will not have a tendency to pack in its open struc-ture, Rivetless Drop...


Engineering Class Drive Chain is created for power drives, building machinery and conveyors. It operates under the most significant problems at moderately substantial speeds. It truly is developed according to ANSI or manufacturer’s specifications. It could be...


MSR Class Bushed Roller Steel Chain has higher strength and lengthy put on and it is manufactured for hefty duty operation underneath significant conditions. Pins and bushings lock into specially produced side-bars, assuring near pitch management and obtaining as near...


SS Bushed Steel Chain is suitable for operating underneath extremely gritty or abrasive condi-tions. This chain is often known as ?¡ãSteel Bushed?¡À or ?¡ãRollerless.?¡À Each element is machined and heat treated using the end result of strength and put on, assuring...

Vacuum Pumps

1.Ever-Power Vacuum Pumps Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of: Vacuum pumps of spiral slice type, Rotary Piston vacuum pumps, Roots Vacuum pumps, Cas-Cooling Roots Vacuum pumps, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Water ring Vacuum Pumps,Reciprocating vacuum pumps and Vacuum valves and...


DUAL STAGE VACUUM PUMPS110/220VAC Vacuum PumpsDual stage vacuum pumps operates on 110 VAC or 220VAC.State-of-the-art dual-stage layout pulls deep vacuum to 50 microns. Design and style of these 1.five,3,5,8,ten,12 CFM pump improvements build to the performance-proven...


Operating principle and characteristics:The series HGL, HG pump is really a form of single-stage and single-cylinder rotary piston vacuum pump. It is greatly improved series H rotary piston pump and includes 4 patents; its basic abilities have a good improvement....

Root Vacuum Pumps

Operating Principle and Functions: The series SYF roots vacuum pump is with overflow valve. The figure-of-eight rotors are counter-rotating at a consistent speed within the pump housing for suction and exhaust of gas. Two rotors are supported by two bearings and...


Use scope The single stage oil cycle vacuum pumps of spiral slice type of series SYF and double stage oil cycle vacuum pumps of spiral slice type from the series of 2SYF are necessary tools for abstracting the gas from obturational container to get vacuum. The double...

Y YD YS Series three-Phase asynchronous Motors

YS Series three-Phase asynchronous MotorsStandard introductionYS series three-phase asynchronous motors are designed and manufactured according to the nationwide unified standard. It's the traits of higher efficiency, energy saving, reduce noise, little vibration,...


YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors are appropriate for driving compact machines and water pumps,specifically for family members or workshops wherever only single-phase electric supply can be found. Conforming to"IEC"designed with sophisticated procedures and...

Y2 Series three-Phase asynchronous Motors

Standard introductionY2 series three-phase asynchronous motors, formulated with new tactics, are renewed and upgrading products according to Y series motors.Y2 series motors are in obdurate layout and fan cooled kind, squirrel cage kind and novel in design and style...


Hydraulic Auger DrivesAUGER DRIVE EARTH DRILL ATTACHMENTTheEPG Auger Generate is hefty obligation constructed and constructed in a reducing edge facility. EPG partnered with specialist CHINA to generate the quite greatest Skid Steer Auger Drive the North American...

agricultural gearbox

agricultural gearboxFarmers perform hard each day below demanding circumstances. and they rely on their equipment to yield greatest productivity — all season lengthy. That is why top agricultural OEMs about the entire world trust Weasler Engineering to produce wise...

China fluid coupling

fluid couplingPurposes:Marine propulsionMixersBoat thrustersDredgesFans & BlowersShreddersCompressorsCentrifugal pumpsRecycling equipmentGrindersMillsCrushersBelt conveyorsWood chippersUnloaded engine warm upClean start up, no belt slipTorsional vibration...

China fluid coupling

China fluid couplingRewards:Quite smooth begin-ups /decreases motor overloadsLoad sharingShock dampeningJam load protectionResilientSelf lubricatingSimple and consumer pleasantInstall and forget Apps:CrushersGrindersChippersConveyorsMillsPumpsElectrical motor and...

worm wheel gearbox

This gearbox utilizes a 30:1 ratio worm-drive reduction for applications that require extremely slow and smooth rotational motion. The worm-drive design not only minimizes backlash but also eliminates back-generating the gearmotor so a posture can be kept even when...

Electric motor pulleys

This Ever-power Metal Drive Pulley is a replacement part on lawn & garden, farm, and commercial outdoor power equipment. Useful for do-it-yourself applications. Made of stamped metal, copper brazed for strength. Includes 3/16-18 set screw and regular keyway.Steel...

Bolt On Hubs

Designed to accept the universally popular taper bushA convenient way in which products such as for example fan rotors, impellors etc could be changed into accept taper bushes without welding we have the full selection of matching Ever-Power taper bushes to suit your...

Aluminum sprockets

Aluminum sprockets are produced for applications where saving weight is absolutely critical. Our aluminum sprockets are created in China using high-quality 6061-Grade light weight aluminum alloy, also called 61S alloy. This materials is a precipitation-hardened light...

fluid coupling

fluid couplingWe offer the fluid coupling and experience you need to have to preserve your company in motion and make sure that nothing slows you down. With a assortment of merchandise customised to your application, our fluid couplings are created to give you...

Adjustable Pulleys

The Ever-power Adjustable Pulley is the perfect machine for around training and conditioning. The completely height-adjustable pulley allows an enormous selection of multi-joint, isolation and core exercises to be performed. The Ever-power Adjustable Pulley is ideal...

12v 24v motor brushed hand worm drive

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Model Number: KS-90WZYJ08 (200W-350W) Usage: Boat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Fan, Home Appliance Certification: CE, ROHS Type: Gear Motor Torque: 10~40N.M Construction: Permanent Magnet Commutation:...

German Type High Pressure fire hose clamp

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Model Number: Customized Material: Metal Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Product name: Quality Low Price Adjustable 9mm 12mm German Type Hose Clamp Surface treatment: Galvanizing, Spray...

4" DN100 2019 hot ISO 9001 PN10 PN16 JIS lever handle wafer aluminum alloy body butterfly valve for air conditioner

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Model Number: D71XP-16L Application: General Material: Alloy Temperature of Media: Normal Temperature Pressure: Medium Pressure Power: Manual Media: Water Port Size: Standard Structure: Butterfly...

OEM Transmission Steering Gear Box Speed Reducer for Truck

Overview Quick Details Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works, Auto Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Gearing Arrangement: Worm Output Torque: 1800N.M(optional) Input Speed: 600~1500rpm Output Speed:...

Worm gear motor 12v 1 rpm 1 100 ratio Low speed High torque

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Model Number: GM46EM370 Usage: Car, Electric Bicycle, Fan, Home Appliance, Worm gear motor 12v 1 rpm 1 100 ratio Low speed High torque Certification: CCC, CE, ROHS, UL, VDE, Worm gear motor 12v 1...

Germany type galvanized worm drive hose clamphose clips orbit

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Model Number: Customized Material: Metal Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Product name: Quality Low Price Adjustable 9mm 12mm German Type Hose Clamp Surface treatment: Galvanizing, Spray...


Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Model Number: WGM370 Usage: Boat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Fan, Home Appliance, Household Appliance Certification: CE, ROHS Type: Gear Motor Torque: 0.5kgf.cm---30kgf.cm Construction: Permanent...

Cylindricail structure China 100752202 Double Row Overall Eccentric Roller Bearing for worm gear reducer

Overview Quick Details Structure: Cylindrical Type: Roller Brand Name: EPT Bore Size: 1 - 15 mm Outside Diameter: 1 - 40 mm Model Number: 100752202 Precision Rating: P0 Seals Type: non-seal Number of Row: Double Row Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Thickness: 28 mm...

China Hot selling OEM Casting Iron Reduction/Speed Reducer/Manual Worm Gearbox Housing for Transmission gearbox definition

Product Description Specification:1. ISO9001-2005.2. Has advanced euipments and over 30 years experience.3. Price: Competetive price, Precision made. Experience & Reasonable QC that you can reply on.4. Process: Precision made. Experience & Reasonable QC that...

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